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Bank 21 Century

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Investment business
Retail business
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Nonfinancial organizations

FUND (Bank Treasury)


  • Keeping of reference tables.
  • Recording of issuers.
  • Accounting of securities.
  • Recording of issues of equity securities and inventory cards of non-monetary securities.
  • Keeping of custody accounts.
  • Keeping of custody account sections.
  • Recording of operators.
  • Keeping of control accounts.
  • Keeping of accounting (inventory) operations.
  • Accounting of fee types.
  • Accounting of quotes.
  • Accounting of any types of securities.
  • Accounting of common stocks (fractional quantity of securities).
  • Closed and open storage of securities.
  • Accounting of the register of securities numbers and portions for closed storage and tracing of possible duplicates.
  • Accounting of orders for inventory and information operations (hard-copy form). Keeping of the order register (hard-copy form), execution of an accounting document directly from the order (order execution).
  • Customized personal custody account mask.
  • Customized flow of documents (a set of operations performed with securities). Printing of accounting documents, register of executed documents, and memorial order for inventory receipt (writing-off).
  • Red balance control when entering a document.
  • Automatic execution of the report on a performed bank operation.
  • Performance of information operations (statement of an account, account balance report, report on performed accounting operations).
  • Performance of administration operations (opening, closing, status changing of accounts and sections, security inclusion into the list of securities accepted for service, change of securities issue status);
  • Calculation of commission fees (algorithm builder) with billing and invoice submission. Execution of accounting documents on commission debiting from depositor accounts and output to XXI CENTURY SYSTEM.
  • Loading of the register of exchange transactions (execution of accounting documents and orders) and quotes.
  • Auto-numbering of documents and orders.
  • Audit of operations with orders and documents.

Fund: bill discounting

Types of transactions (operations):

  • Purchase/sale of bills using the Bank capital base;
  • Bill exchange;
  • Bill payment;

Types of bills by yield:

  • Interest-bearing;
  • Non interest-bearing;
  • Unprofitable.

Keeping of reference tables of:

  • Bill parameters;
  • Outside persons (clients, bill drawers, contractors);
  • Subtypes of bills;
  • Broker’s agreements;
  • Exchange rates.

Keeping of registers of:

  • Purchase and sale agreements;
  • Payments;
  • Exchange.

Preparation of reports and hard copies (MS WORD):

  • Agreement and acceptance certificate;
  • Order for bill receipt/handing over to/from the cash office (offices);
  • Bill portfolio;
  • Operations register;
  • Reporting as per Form 0409132, Appendix 1 to Instruction of the Bank of Russia No. 1376-U
  • Internal accounting registers as per Resolution of the Federal Commission for the Securities Market No. 32/ps of August 14, 2002 (Resolution No. 32)

Fund: front oficce of deposit and exchange operations

The module represents a Dealer’s Workstation – the system supporting decision-making at the level of on-line management of Bank currency and cash positions (monitoring of the status of a trade position on the selected market by asset, interval or data list, set of portfolios and contractor groups):

Ergonomic and fast entry and modification of transactions:

Searching for a contractor through the list by its REUTERS-code

Entry of transaction sum in millions or thousands

Automatic detection of contractor’s payment instructions

Verification of transactions and nettings.


Monitoring of the status of contractors’ credit lines.

Position calculation for transactions against contractors.

Servicing capabilities for work with brokers:

  • Entry of transactions with brokers;
  • Entry of Switch transaction as a unit;
  • Broker charges.

Day Transactions Filter.

Possibility to work with the complete set of transactions and individually with transactions of a selected market segment (interbank, stock exchange, clients, etc.).

Bank payment position calculation for correspondent accounts such as Nostro and Loro accounts, with breakdown by accounts, dates types of payments and contractors.

Automatic positioning of nontrade payments of Bank clients.

Registration of switching, including those with foreign exchange cash.

Nettings on payments for various types of transactions.

Fund: back oficce of deposit and exchange operations

Settlement and accounting software:

1. Transactions on interbank credit market

  1.1 Credits, deposits, tranches of credit lines:

  • Prolongations (including those with reduction of sum).
  • Reserves.
  • Accrued interests (cash basis and accrual basis).
  • Intermediate payments of a principal portion and early payment of transaction.
  • Intermediate dividend payments.
  • Correction of interest sum for transactions with non-residents.

  1.2   Resource transactions of bank branches.

  1.3   Late Night Investment.

  1.4   Credit lines with withdrawal limits or debt limits.

2. Ex-pit conversion transactions (spot, swap, forward):

  • Nettings.
  • Thrift accounting (including rescheduling).

3. Exchange conversion transactions (TOD, TOM, SWAP, futures without underlaying asset delivery):

  • Nettings.
  • Thrift accounting (including rescheduling).
  • Fee calculation.

4. Client conversion applications:

  • Customized performance rates (intrabank rate, transaction rate).
  • Fee calculation.
  • Outward payment upon application execution results.

5. Banknote transactions (conversion and non-conversion).

6. Switching between correspondent accounts

For all types of transactions the following is possible:

  • Automatic opening of new accounts.
  • Automatic execution of documents by the set of transactions and by a selected transaction.

Type of documents produced by transactions:

  • МТ300, МТ320, МТ399, МТ200, МТ202, МТ210, МТ910 (SWIFT and TELEX).
  • Interbank debit payment order (in formats of different SYSTEM).
  • Intrabank payment order (in formats of different SYSTEM).
  • Memorial order (in formats of different SYSTEM).
  • New account (in formats of different SYSTEM).

Data for preparation of the following reporting forms of the Bank of Russia (relative to automated transactions) (MS WORD):

  • 0409115 Information on quality of credit organization assets.
  • 0409125 Information on assets and liabilities by call and payment terms.
  • 0409128 Information on weighted average interest rates of credits given by credit organization.
  • 0409129 Information on weighted average interest rates of outside deposits, contributions and credits of credit organization.
  • 0409325 Interest rates of interbank credits.
  • 0409501 Information on interbank credits and deposits.
  • 0409701 Conversion operations report.


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