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Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis is a multifunctional system allowing:

  • to create and maintain an unlimited number of financial structure versions;
  • to form, calculate and monitor economic indices and standards using a built-in calculation formulas interface;
  • to generate and maintain various financial plan structures and to link them with financial responsibility centers in order to distribute responsibility;
  • to use various planning modes - top-down, bottom-up, or combined;
  • to use budget values allocation among the subordinate financial responsibility centers mode based on financial responsibility showings;
  • to use various modes of allocation by sub-periods of budget plan and cyclic allocation for loan portfolio planning automation; new
  • to consolidate and aggregate data on-line;
  • to establish links between financial plans.
  • to import data from Bank 21 Century BAS or other systems by means of customizable SQL/PL SQL queries in order to reflect the fact. new
  • to perform plan-to-fact analysis, ranging, cluster analysis, sensitivity analysis, and scenario analysis in order to analyze risks.

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