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Financial Integrator (FINTEGRUM)

Business type:

Investment business
Retail business
Multipurpose business

FINTEGRUM financial integrator is designed to provide full-featured automation for the management accounting and financial analysis of credit organization performance. It can be operated both along with Bank 21 Century BAS and in a standalone mode with BASs of third parties.


Main features of the system



First installation




Target customer group

Banks and non-bank credit organizations

User support

Three levels

Management accounting is based on the bank’s chart of accounts;

An integrated directory of financial accounting centers (external and internal – customers, counterparties, employees, financial partners); 

Supports funds trading deals, exchange operations and FAC (financial accounting center) accounts movements with allocation of financial result to personal income and expense accounts; 

Automatic synchronization with BAS by FAC turnovers; 

Financial analytic reports generation in MS Excel format;

Positions evaluation and limits control (correspondent accounts, FACs, open currency position);

Funds management (support of deals and planning operations).



Product compatibility

Office applications

  • MS Office 2000 
  • MS Office 2003




Fintegrum modules composition





Fintegrum – Management accounting

(core module)

  • Basic directories of the bank accounting system (FACs, accounts, exchange rates, categories and groups). 
  • Account operations, synchronization with BAS, balance sheet, statements, turnover balance sheet.
  • End of day, revaluation, profit determination, access control.




Fintegrum –

Financial Statements

  • Assets and liabilities aggregation (balances and turnovers statements with filters).
  • Consolidated (BAS + Management accounting) balance sheet, turnover balance sheet, income and expenses.
  • FAC and FAC groups profitability evaluation.
  • Customer statements.




Fintegrum –

Funds Management

  • Showing of financial constituent of BAS client deals (interbank loans, credits, deposits, FX).
  • Internal funds trade deals, correspondent account position evaluation, limits control.
  • Funds movement planning (external and internal), income and expense planning.





Main positive distinctions from the management accounting systems based on “data warehouse” technology are:

Fintegrum is a documentary accounting system (a full-fledged BAS) that complements the main accounting with adjustment entries and operations in order to plan FAC activities and evaluate their performance. 

Real time synchronization with BAS (generation of commission operations and adjustment entries, consolidated analytical statements). 

The users work in Excel.

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