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Bank Treasury Front Office Automation (Fund-Proton)

Business type:

Investment business
Multipurpose business

Fund-Proton BAS provides information support for financial market operations performed by a Bank Treasury in terms of their financial and management accounting. The system is an ideological successor to the Front Office of Depository and Exchange Operations module of BAS FUND. It has a wider coverage of the financial instruments employed, a wide set of trade positions and reports, and a considerably revised and improved user interface. 


Description of the solution


First installation




Target customer group

Large banks with a full range of financial instruments

User support

Three levels

Functional features of the solution


  • Interbank loan deal positions. Amounts of raised and placed funds, average weighted rates and maturity dates, rollovers.
  • Cash exchange deal positions. Amounts of currency purchased and sold, average weighted rates, mark-to-market, and netting.
  • Time exchange deal position. Forward payment discounting, mark-to-market, foreign exchange exposure.
  • Securities deal position. Securities balances and turnovers, portfolio statuses, mark-to-market.
  • Payment position by Nostro correspondent accounts and Depot active accounts.


  • Credit limits by counterparties and issuers.
  • Market limits (PVBP, limits by products).


  • Financial results in accordance with Russian and international methodology.
  • Statistics of effected deals.
  • Deal type-specific reports.


  • Uploading deals and quotations from Reuters and MICEX.
  • Uploading transactions for payment calendar from the bank’s main BAS.
  • Downloading deals to the bank’s main BAS.




Product compatibility


BAS compatibility

The system is BAS-independent


Windows 2000, XP; MS Office



Development tools

-  Microsoft.Net Framework 1.1

-  C#  programming language

-  Integrated toolset for application design Microsoft Visual Studio.Net Professional 2003

-  Report generator StimulReport.Net 1.60 for .Net Framework 1.1 manufactured by OOO Stimulsoft


Contact information

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