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Business File: Customer accounting automation (CRM)

Business type:

Investment business
Retail business
Wholesale business
Multipurpose business

Business File software is a flexible tool for global accounting of all actual and potential clients of the bank and building an integrated customer database. The client-server system will allow arranging a distributed structure for registration, storage, and analysis of various data regarding corporate and individual customers and access to the database with access and analysis control.

The system was developed as a response to the insistent need for an integrated instrument for customer information capturing and analysis that would consolidate the data from various subsystems. Taking into consideration the highest level of integration with other products by Inversia the system provides unique opportunities for efficient consolidation of all customer data and arranging a single entry point for customer service.


Three reasons to keep the file

You will be able to make better grounded management decisions.

You will be able to prevent some part of illicit actions, thefts, and information leakage.

You will ensure a new level of management succession. 


Solution description and advantages


First installation 2006
Customization Possible
Target customer group Any type of organization
User  support Three levels of support


Key system capabilities

Business File is a multifunctional system that provides for:

  •         Establishing and maintaining of an integrated directory of individual and corporate customers;
  •         Import and export of customer directories from various subsystems maintaining links showing in which subsystems and with what identifiers the customer data are kept;
  •         An integrated base for multi-branch structure;
  •         Check-up of the entered data against linked up terrorist directories, database of lost and invalid passport numbers, etc.;
  •         Determining various relations between individuals and companies and keeping the history of such relations;
  •         Relationship analysis and search of related and affiliated individuals and entities;
  •         Possibility to group counterparties according to certain criteria;
  •         Getting financial information about a counterparty;
  •         Keeping the history of contacts and negotiations with counterparties. Call center functionality or integrated with that already used by the bank;
  •         Maintaining events schedule, reminders provision;
  •         Keeping an unlimited number of additional attributes with possibility to add and set them up independently;
  •         Various attribute types with possibility to set their type (number, string, date), attributes in form of a list of values;
  •         Full and adjustable audit of all actions in the system
  •         Access rights control


BAS compatibility

  • The module is BAS-independent and is supplied separately from BAS.·    
  • Interaction with third party applications is based on export-import mechanism.


Both two-tier Client-Server architecture and three-tier one with an application server is possible.


     Windows 2000/XP operating system


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